Protecting Your Investment

One of the most gut wrenching and infuriating feelings, is to walk out and find someone has stolen something you've worked so hard for. Here are just a few simple, and affordable ways to deter a potential thief.



Throttle Locks..........

Throttle locks are a quick and easy way to secure your bike from being rolled off. Unlike the steering lock, this solid machined aluminum device is much harder to defeat and may deter a would-be thief when he or she notices it. Not only does it lock the brakes to the rotors, but it also renders the throttle inoperable. Adding this extra step that a thief would have to remove to make the bike operable again, just might make them choose an easier target and leave yours alone.

Throttle lock in place

Rotor Locks...........

Rotor locks are a great secondary means to prevent a roll-off theft from occuring. Even if the steering lock is defeated, this device will inhibit the rear wheel from moving by locking a pin through the slot in the rear rotor. While they are very effective, it is extremely important to not omit the reminder cable when using these devices!! Leaving a rotor lock in place and trying to ride off could cause serious damage to your calipers!

Rotor lock with reminder cable attached to throttle

Cable Locks..........

Cable locks may not protect your motorcycle from a theft, but they are an asset that every rider should carry with them. A decent cable lock will allow you to secure your gear while you are away from your bike. By running the cable through a sleeve, then through the opening of your helmet, you can then wrap the cable through the open frame or forks to lock your gear to your bike. No more having to carry everything around with you at long stops!

Cable lock securing jacket and helmet to motorcycle

MotoPi Alarm...........

Tutorial Link Below

This DiY solution is a handy little device for monitoring your motorcycle where ever WiFi is available. The Moto Pi Alarm will send push notifications to your cell phone when motion is detected! Have some peace of mind while you're sleeping, at work, or downtown. This device was designed to monitor your bike in places you frequently visit that has an available WiFi and is NOT a GPS tracker. Set the login information for those places you visit, attach it under the seat, and walk away. Follow the link below for an in-depth How-TO, to build your own for very little money!

Raspberry Pi Zero W, with tilt switch and USB battery pack. Monitors bike activity when connected to WiFi.

Receive push notifications when someone is tampering with your motorcycle, or other equipment!

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