Tail of the Dragon

Deal's Gap aka Tail of the Dragon
US129 318 curves 11 miles
Most popular, most dangerous
Speed limit 30MPH


First up, we have Deals' Gap, also known as
the Tail of the Dragon, HWY 129. The Dragon is known across the US as one of the most challenging roads in America with its 318 curves in only 11 miles. With the challenge, also comes danger. Due to such, the speed limit was reduced to only 30MPH in the mid 2000's. Caution must especially be used during the summer and fall months, when the road can see over 15,000
motorists a day. The best time to visit is during late Spring to early summer, from Tuesday to  Thursday, as weekends are peak travel time. Nearby lodging can be found at Deal's Gap  Motorcycle Resort, and Fontana Village.




12 miles, 190 curves
NC221, NC226, NC226A Marion to Little Switzerland
Speed limit varies, 35-55MPH


A lesser known ride, hidden off of the Blue Ridge Parkway near the sleepy village of Little Switzerland, is the Diamondback.
With 190 curves in 12 miles, while not as many as the Dragon, the route is no less as technical, with many sections rivaling that
of it's big brother. The Diamondback consists of several roads, including Highways 221, 226 and 226A, with speed limits varying from 35-55MPH. Be sure to observe the changes along the way.
With these kind of roads and conditions, it makes for a great warm up ride before making the journey to Deal's Gap.
The advantages of this route, in particular, are less traffic during peak seasons, excellent lodging accomodations for motorcyclists, and easy access for extended trips across the Blue Ridge Parkway.


Cherohala Skyway

Cherohala Skyway
Robbinsville, NC
43 miles NC to TN
Speed limit 45MPH



If, while visiting the Dragon, the traffic is more than you care for, Cherohala Skyway is but a few minutes away. The Skyway is 43 miles of scenic road that begins just outside of Robbinsville, NC on HWY129, and ends at Telico Plains, TN. Unlike the Dragon, the speed limit on the Skyway is posted at 45MPH. Although a usually more open road, be sure to refuel before adventuring out, as there are no gas stations along the route. 


Moonshiner 28

Moonshiner 28
Hwy 28 103 miles through Franklin and Highlands, NC
Deal's Gap/129 to Walhalla, SC
Can connect Hwy 64 to Brevard, Hwy 280 to Asheville
Speed Limit 55MPH



Also located off HWY 129, is HWY 28, referred to by locals as the Moonshiner 28. The name originates from the heritage of the many Moonshiners that traveled the route during the days of Prohibition. The Shiner will take you 103 miles from the Dragon,  all the way through Georgia, and ending in Walhalla, SC, with many stops and restaurants along the way.

The speed limit along the Shiner is also posted as 55MPH. Making it one of the higher on the list. Along the route, you can also pass through the mountain towns of Highlands and Cashiers, NC. Stop by the 
Bridal Veil Falls for a unique shot with your bike, or you can detour across HWY 64 through Lake Toxaway and visit with
the friendly locals. You can also continue across through Brevard to HWY 280
to end in Asheville, NC, with easy access to both Interstates 26 and 40.


Blue Ridge Parkway

Blue Ridge Parkway
469 miles
Connects most popular rides
Waynesboro, VA north of Roanoke, to Cherokee, NC 
Speed limit varies, 25-45MPH
Mt. Mitchell, highest peak east of the Mississippi at 6684ft
Asheville, NC popular destination


And finally, with so many great rides in such a beautiful area, one cannot 
leave out the Blue Ridge Parkway itself. With over 469 miles of paved road,
from Waynesboro, VA near Roanoke, to Cherokee, NC. See unrivaled views from atop Mt. Mitchell, the highest peak east of the Mississippi at 6684ft., down to the valley where George Vanderbilt's summer home resides in Asheville, NC. One of America's most lavish homes. If you pass through in the Spring, stop in to walk through the extroidinary gardens, or kick back to enjoy wines from the vineyard. And if that's not your taste, tour the city and find out why the area is also known as Beer City USA, with the most breweries per capita than anywhere else in the US. After a day in Asheville, you are only a short ride to Cherokee for a night of gambling in the Casino, or catch one of many top artists live in concert. But be aware, the speed limits on the Parkway range from 25 - 45MPH, and the fines for speeding are double from a regular ticket.


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