Tools to get you started

    The below items are suggestions to get you started in performing your own motorcycle maintenance. Each product was selected as a starting point in building a personal set of tools, based on overall reviews and from an economical stand point. Get the satisfaction of performing your own maintenace and mods without breaking the bank! The Mechanics Tool Set combines many of the individual listed items and also includes the tool box as well!



Bike Stands
Combo Socket Set
Tire Pressure Gauge
Chain Brush
Torque Wrench
Metric T-Handles
SAE T-Handles
Impact Driver
Impact Adapters
Soft Mallet
Metric Allen Sockets
Torx Sockets
Breaker Bar
Screw Drivers
SAE Allen Sockets
Adjustable Wrenches
Mechanics Tool Set

    Pre-Ride Checks can be the saving grace to preventing not only mechanical failure, but also avoiding an unnecessary accident. Take a few minutes before each ride to go over tire pressures, fluid levels and other aspects of your bike as demonstrated in this short video. These few things should not be ignored!

    Clean and Maintain your chain to ensure continued performance, and a long service life! In the video here, we discuss and go over the importance of removing road grime and build up every few hundred miles from your chain. Preventative maintenance will go a long way by increasing your safety, and extending the life of mechanical components on your motorcycle. Be sure to watch this one!

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